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List of the Top Ten Precious Metal Assets

Below is a list of the top 10 Precious Metal assets for purchase. While there are many other fine Precious Metals assets opportunities, this article features the most desirable.

We have many articles discussing why to choose precious metal asset holdings, e.g., Silver vs. Gold.

In compiling this comprehensive list, we carefully considered numerous vital factors in determining the top Precious Metals products for purchase. These factors include but are not limited to liquidity, ensuring that the chosen products can be easily converted to cash, global recognition, guaranteeing their widespread acceptance and value across international markets, purity, ensuring that each product attains the highest standards quality of marketability. The quantity of each product that Safe Haven Metal (SHM) sells, signifies their popularity and consumer interest.

Asset #1. The American Eagle Gold Coin

[…] Safe Haven Metal presents an image of the American Eagle obverse of Liberty one gold coin overlaying one reverse American Eagle gold coin.

The Gold American Eagle is a symbolic representation of the American spirit, drawing inspiration from the renowned design by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Its global fame is well-established. The obverse side features a depiction of Lady Liberty confidently walking with the sun in the background, while the reverse side showcases an American bald eagle in different postures such as nesting, standing, or with just its head, varying with the year or size of the coin.

Coin Details: .9167 purity and IRA-Eligible

This iconic Gold coin comes in various fractional sizes, catering to a wide range of budgets. Available options include 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz Gold. With unparalleled recognition, the Gold American Eagle holds exceptional value and can be easily converted to cash when needed.

Asset #2. The American Buffalo Gold Coin

The Gold American Buffalo, renowned for its exquisite artistry and historical significance, has captured the hearts of both collectors and investors alike. Drawing inspiration from James Earle Fraser’s iconic 1913 Buffalo Nickel, this gold bullion coin pays homage to America’s cultural heritage. The obverse of the coin displays a finely detailed profile portrait of a Native American chief. The intricate craftsmanship of this depiction enhances the coin’s allure, making it a cherished piece of American art.

[…] Safe Haven Metal presents the reverse of the American Buffalo gold coin.

On the reverse side, a majestic American buffalo takes center stage, inspired by the real-life bison named Black Diamond from New York’s Central Park Zoo in the early 1900s. This powerful symbol embodies the untamed spirit of the American West and its pristine wilderness. The coin’s 24-karat gold composition, boasting a remarkable purity of 99.99%, adds intrinsic value to its charm, making it a reliable choice for investors seeking a tangible and stable store of wealth.

Asset #3. The American Eagle Silver Coin

[…] Obverse of American Eagle silver coin shows walking Liberty in flowing gown, offered by Safe Haven Metal.

The American Silver Eagle holds a special status as the official investment-grade Silver bullion coin of the United States Mint, backed by the U.S. government for weight, content, and purity. Its 1 oz of .999 fine Silver with a face value of one dollar makes it a highly valued choice for investors seeking a reliable store of wealth. What sets this coin apart is the willingness of many investors and collectors to pay an extra premium for its exceptional quality and recognized prestige. The Silver Eagle’s widespread recognition and liquidity in the market, along with its iconic design featuring Walking Liberty and a heraldic eagle, add to its allure, making it an esteemed and sought-after investment among those in the precious metals community.

Asset #4. Canadian Maple Leaf

Both the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf and the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins enjoy significant international recognition. Due to their popularity, their iconic beauty and innovative security features. Both issued by the Royal Canadian Mint. The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf and Gold Maple Leaf coins continue in a prominent position in the realm of precious metal assets. Attracting enthusiasts from around the world with their impeccable design, purity, and global recognition.

Silver Maple Leaf

[…] Safe Haven Metal presents the obverse side of the Canadian Mint’s Maple Leaf silver coin.

The Silver Maple Leaf boasts 1 oz of .9999 fine Silver. The Silver Maple Leaf features a powerful symbol of Canada, a single maple leaf, on the reverse. The obverse features the portrait of Her Majesty  Queen Elizabeth II.

Gold Maple Leaf

The Gold Maple Leaf is .9999 fine Gold. Establishing the Gold Maple Leaf as one of the purest official bullion coins worldwide. The Gold Maple Leaf showcases a striking maple leaf design on the reverse. The obverse portrays the depiction of Her Majesty  Queen Elizabeth II.

Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin, front and back shown of a maple leaf and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Additionally, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf offers fractional sizes ranging from 1/20 oz to 1 oz, and even larger denominations like 10 oz. This diversity in size makes Gold accessible for those with modest budgets, providing a convenient entry point into the precious metals realm.

Both coins exude elegance and regal posterity.

Asset #5. Silver Mexican Libertad

La Casa de Moneda de Mexico mints the Mexican Libertad Silver coin. Standing as one of the most exquisitely beautiful Silver bullion coins in the market today. Debuting in 1982 with a purity of .999 fine Silver.

The artwork adorning the Silver Libertad is nothing short of captivating while holding significant historical importance for Mexico. Its iconic design combines with exclusivity maintaining its allure. Making the Mexican Libertad Silver Coin highly sought by consumers of all types. As a product of one of the oldest North American mints, the Silver Libertad boasts both aesthetic appeal and intrinsic value. Thus solidifying its status as a traditional addition to any coin portfolio.

Asset #6. American Eagle Platinum & Palladium Coins

The American Eagle is available in Platinum and Palladium, both exquisite and valuable choices in the world of precious metals. The United States Mint produces the Platinum American Eagle with .9995 fine platinum. Yet the Palladium American Eagle contains .9995 fine palladium. Both coins showcase iconic designs and exclusive mintages, making them desirable additions to consumers of all types. With their enduring beauty and rarity, these coins stand as prestigious and unique choices for both any portfolio.

Asset #7. British Britannia coins

The British Britannia coin is available in both Gold and Silver, holding a special place in the world of precious metals. Appearing in the world market in 1987, these coins steadily continue to increase their fineness. With the Gold Britannia now having .9999 Gold purity, and the Silver Britannia boasting a .999 fine Silver content. These iconic coins beautifully depict British history, featuring a mature likeness of Her Majesty  Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and the Standing Britannia on the reverse. In the second century a roman emperor introduced a number of coins that depicted a female figure who personified Britain, with the label ‘BRITANNIA’.  You can read more about her history in the Royal Mint article here. The new editions now feature His Majesty King Charles III.

Britannia gold coins featuring the changing monarchy, with King Charles III and Queen Elizabeth II obverse sides sharing the reverse of the warrior Britannia, assets change face but never strength

The high precious metal content, along with the estimable reputation of The Royal Mint, makes both the Gold and Silver Britannia coins highly valuable choices with good potential for liquidity. The savvy consumer recognizes the significance of these coins, making them sought-after additions to any portfolio. With their historical symbolism, impressive purity, and the backing of The Royal Mint, the British Britannia coins stand as cherished and valuable treasures, appealing to those seeking tangible pieces of British heritage and promising assets in the world of precious metals.

Asset #8. Gold Bullion Bars

While gold coins may carry added value due to their unique designs, limited mintages, and historical significance, gold bars derive their worth primarily from their weight and purity thus requiring less of a premium. As a result, they may not experience the same level of demand from collectors as coins do. Those focusing on the metal’s intrinsic value and its potential as a hedge against economic uncertainties recognize gold bars offer a straightforward and reliable means of obtaining physical gold. Gold bars are available in various fraction sizes, ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilo, providing investors with the flexibility to choose the precise amount that suits their investment goals.

Gold bars present an attractive option for those seeking to acquire larger amounts of gold with lower premiums. They serve as a cost-efficient means of holding a tangible wealth and serves as a stable diversifying asset in portfolios.

Asset #9. Krugerrand Gold Coin

The South African Krugerrand Gold coin holds the distinction of being the world’s first modern Gold bullion coin. Remaining a perennial favorite among international enthusiasts. Known for its affordability and unique hue, the coin features a striking depiction of a springbok antelope on the reverse. Some buyers may find its design to be less intricate than other Gold coins. The simplicity of the Krugerrand, in circulation since 1967, has proven to have lasting appeal.

Having seen more purchases than any other 1 oz Gold coin available, the Krugerrand’s popularity is a testament to its enduring reputation. Comprising .9167 fine Gold, with an alloy of 8.33% copper to enhance its durability, the Krugerrand strikes a balance between purity and strength. This combination ensures that Krugerrands are readily tradable on open markets worldwide. Thus making them a reliable asset option for both new and seasoned buyers. With a strong track record and global liquidity, the Gold South African Krugerrands continue to be a choice of trust.

Asset #10. Pre-1965 Silver Coinage

All coins before 1965 were comprised of 90% silver. A common industry slang refers these circulated U.S. coins minted before 1965 as “junk silver”. These coins, which include dimes, quarters, and half-dollars, were once widely used as everyday currency in the United States. The term “junk silver” is a colloquial name given to these coins because they are typically sold based on their Silver content rather than their numismatic or collectible value.

Despite being called “junk,” these coins hold significant appeal for precious metal enthusiasts. Their 90% Silver content makes them valuable for their intrinsic metal worth. Allowing the addition of physical Silver to even modest portfolios. The high Silver content and historical significance of 90% junk silver coins make them a popular choice for those seeking tangible assets as a hedge against economic uncertainties.

Junk silver coins are easily tradable on the open market, providing liquidity and flexibility. Their affordability and accessibility make them an excellent entry point for those looking to start accumulating Silver. For numismatists, collecting 90% junk silver offers an opportunity to own a piece of Americana and relive the country’s past through these iconic coins. Overall, 90% junk silver stands as a versatile and prized category of Silver coins. Cherished for its precious metal content and historical allure.


A wide variety of options presents itself in this list of top ten. Allowing all enthusiasts from the modest budget to the very top echelons, to acquire assets in the form of precious metals and thereby diversifying their portfolios.

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