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Self-Directed Precious Metal IRA Management

In this article we will discuss how a self-directed precious metal IRA gives you direct power as a way to hedge against inflation, obtain global mobility and allows you to defer taxes at the same time. All through the use of the individual retirement account (IRA). A powerful tool in many different forms giving the control, oversight, and management to a named entity or person, one of those options is you. A self-directed precious metal IRA can actually take many forms, like a 401(k), but for ease of reference to the entire concept, we will simply refer to it as “precious metal IRA”. (See a full list of all the various types of retirement accounts that are included, in our IRA page.)

We will address some important limitations below. So long as you do not cross those boundaries, you hold the power to determine your future.

A self-directed precious metal IRA allows you to diversify into a wider range of assets than a traditional IRA. The self-directed precious metal IRA provides flexibility and empowerment because you direct the account’s funds to be transform into other various assets. This includes obtaining assets in gold, real estate, private equity, and other precious metals.

Cash is simply a trade medium. An asset is a product or concept that you obtain ownership over. Private equity and stocks are a limited ownership in a business concept and its products. Title is ownership to real estate, as a definite product. Then there are precious metals. Since time began, there is no title insurance, no stocks and splits, no partnership agreements to deal with in precious metal. With an IRA holding physical precious metals, such as gold and silver, you just own it.

Is Cash King?

The science of economics and its influence on the volatility and vulnerability of cash is beyond the scope of this article. But summing it up best is the center of our monetary regulation. The Federal Reserve publicly states on its website: “The major items on the liability side of the Federal Reserve balance sheet are Federal Reserve notes (U.S. paper currency) and the deposits that thousands of depository institutions, the U.S. Treasury, and others hold in accounts at the Federal Reserve Banks.”

Yes, your cash is a major item on the liability side of its balance sheet. And the Fed also states that gold is a major asset on the positive side of that same balance sheet. “Coin held by the Reserve Banks is an asset on its balance sheet” per the Federal Reserve website. Since 2019 till March of 2023, the US as to its “Reserve position in International Monetary Fund” has increased it by ≈ +34.62%. U.S. Reserve Assets. Our Special Report Central Banks goes deeper into the subject. And is yours for the price of asking, it’s totally free.

If you already have an IRA and are thinking of converting to a precious metal IRA instead, you need to read our special report. As your entire retirement account’s security could depend on it.

Benefits of a Precious Metal IRA

Gold and silver have always remained popular as asset options. Whether the motivation is to diversify or desiring to secure their retirement portfolio. With a self-directed precious metal IRA, you are the one that decides which assets you transform your cash into.

For those that have already read our Special Report Central Banks, then you know that the Federal Reserve and all the banks of the world are in a mad dash to convert all cash into precious metals. Follow the lead of those that know far more than any of us. Convert your cash liability into assets— physical gold and silver bullion in the form of coins, bars, or proofs. Allowing you to hold the physical asset in a secure location of your choosing. There are four options for storage that the IRS does not consider a taxable event. The most popular choice is a secure depository.

precious metal IRA protects running out of money. 
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There are many benefits of holding gold and silver assets with a self-directed precious metal IRA. The most dominating view— these assets serve as a method to hedge against inflation and market volatility. Gold and silver have historically held their value over time. Making them a reliable asset option for those looking to protect their retirement savings. Failing to prepare for such eventualities could result in the worst possible time to have to resort to remaining change in the piggy bank. Securing your life’s work now, is what you have waited your whole life for.

Setting up a Precious Metal IRA

This is actually far easier than it might seem. To set up a self-directed precious metal IRA, you will need the following skill sets and abilities:

  • You must know your own personal information;
  • Have access to your current IRA’s information; and
  • The ability to call Safe Haven Metal and let us fill out all forms.

Its that easy. 

We have vetted a number of IRA service providers. Looking for the best to serve as custodian for our clients. Thus we needed one that specialized in not only self-directed accounts, but precious metal accounts. We have chosen the very best. This custodian does all required handling of administrative duties on your account and all record-keeping and reporting. As well as monitor and communicate with the depository. Safe Haven Metal serves as the conductor of all entities involved. We initiate the precious metal purchases. And perform as intermediary between you and your former and current custodians, as well as the depository. We do not rest until all the precious metal you desire is secure in a fortified facility. Which is why we chose one that carries a $1,000,000,000 all risk insurance policy.

precious metal IRA is easy to set up, woman shows an older couple how to fill out a form.
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Rules of the IRA

It’s important to note that there are specific rules and regulations that apply to any self-directed IRA. Including restrictions on prohibited transactions and disqualified persons. It’s important to work with a custodian that can guide you. You need experience in self-directed precious metal IRA management, to ensure that you are complying with all regulations. The most important of all, never self-deal. This basically means you cannot invest in something you already own. For example adding an addition to your real property. The difference with a precious metal IRA, is that you acquire it from another. Or in other words converting your own money into your own gold, but that gold came from Safe Haven Metal.


In a nut shell, a self-directed precious metal IRA is a flexible retirement account. Allowing you to diversify into a wider range of assets than a traditional IRA. With a self-directed precious metal IRA, you can convert your liability of cash holdings into the asset protection holdings of precious metals like physical gold and silver. Which can serve as a hedge against inflation and market volatility. If your interests include converting into the asset of precious metals as part of your retirement portfolio, a self-directed precious metal IRA is a great option to consider.

Call Safe Haven Metal right now to learn more about just how truly easy we make this process.

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