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How Does the U.S. Dollar Impact Prices?

The U.S. Dollar, as the primary global currency,  serves as the base currency for purchasing precious metals such as Gold and Silver. The historical data from the past century allows us to understand how the U.S. Dollar influences the prices of precious metals.

Precious Metal Prices

In the world market, the prices of precious metals are denominated in U.S. Dollars. These prices, known as spot prices, constantly fluctuate during global market hours. Staying updated on performance indicators is crucial as they significantly affect the buying and selling precious metals.

In the world market, the prices of precious metals are denominated in U.S. Dollars. These prices, known as spot prices, constantly fluctuate during global market hours. Staying updated on performance indicators is crucial as they significantly affect the buying and selling precious metals.

Several factors contribute to the fluctuation of spot prices, including economic conditions, currency exchange rates, speculation, and supply and demand. 

U.S. Dollar in hundreds lays under bricks of solid gold

The availability of precious metals also impacts their prices. When a particular precious metal is in high demand, its price increases. 


You can access financial news networks or online platforms like Safe Haven Metal’s Live Spot Charts to stay informed about spot prices.

The U.S. Dollar

The value of the U.S. Dollar is determined by analyzing factors such as American debt levels, interest rates, global economic market strength, unemployment rates, consumer confidence, inflation rates, and recent oil prices. Gold, Platinum, and Silver are all measured in U.S. Dollars as they are dollar-denominated assets in global markets.

The U.S. Dollar became the global standard for precious metals prices due to the strong and stable economy of the United States. 

Fed Reserve collage, with the chair overlaid in one corner, the U.S. Dollar opposite him, and above him is rows of gold, to the far left is the stock market floor

When the U.S. Dollar strengthens, commodities worldwide become more expensive in other currencies, negatively impacting demand. Conversely, when the U.S. Dollar weakens, commodities prices in other currencies decrease, leading to increased demand.

The U.S. Dollar and Precious Metals

Investors are less inclined to buy dollar-denominated Precious Metals when dollar values are high because the purchaser gets less for their money.  This is why Precious Metals are negatively impacted when the Fed hikes interest rates because higher interest rates will increase the demand for dollar assets and make the dollar stronger. This model is especially true for anyone using non-American currency since exchange rates against a strong dollar will be low.  Exceptions include times when the U.S. economy is strong, and manufacturing demands for Precious Metals are also rising.


Given the extensive use of the U.S. Dollar in international transactions, it is unsurprising that the prices of precious metals are closely tied to it. During economic crises, investors often turn to precious metals as a safe haven and a hedge against inflation.

Since the early 1970s, when the U.S. moved away from the Gold Standard, a relative inverse relationship has been observed between precious metals and the U.S. Dollar in their financial patterns. 

Generally, when the U.S. Dollar strengthens, the prices of Silver and Gold tend to remain low.Conversely, precious metal prices tend to rise when the U.S. Dollar weakens.

For instance, during the financial collapse in mid-2008, precious metal prices spiked as the U.S. Dollar weakened. Similarly, precious metal prices fell when the U.S. Dollar strengthened in mid-2014 due to concerns about global economic growth and potential interest rate hikes.

When the value of the U.S. Dollar is high, investors are less inclined to buy dollar-denominated precious metals as they get less value for their money. This is particularly true for those using non-U.S. currencies, as exchange rates against a strong dollar tend to be low. However, there are exceptions when the U.S. economy is robust, and there is increased demand for precious metals in manufacturing sectors.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, a stronger U.S. Dollar tends to keep precious metal prices lower and more controlled, while a weaker U.S. Dollar is likely to drive prices higher due to increased demand. It is important to note that while the relationship between the U.S. Dollar and precious metal prices is significant, other factors such as interest rates, inflation, monetary policy, geopolitical events, and supply and demand also influence their values.

Despite the current standing of the U.S. Dollar, precious metals, including Gold and Silver, are still considered excellent investment opportunities for protecting against economic events such as currency devaluation or inflation. Additionally, precious metals serve as a safeguard during periods of political instability. Safe Haven Metal advises you to consult a financial advisor or professional for specific portfolio investment strategies. 

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On the topic of the Fed and the U.S. Dollar, check out a great movie about the 2008 crisis, Too Big To Fail, the documentary is near identical, showing the detail that went into the movie, with brilliant acting.

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