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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ page is short and sweet.​

This FAQ page is designed to give you a few quick answers to questions we are often asked. Until we made this page of course. In case you are still hungry for more answers than the FAQ page can provide, then check out our Discovery Center where we go deeper into topics covered in this FAQ page. 

FAQ: Just how much gold can fit in a shoe box?

The answer is in one of the FAQ answers.

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Bullion related FAQ:

Why safe haven?

Our company aims to provide clients with a sense of security and refuge from financial storms. Just like finding shelter during a bad storm brings relief and a sense of safety, we want our clients to experience that same feeling when they entrust their asset protection with us. We understand the importance of safeguarding wealth during economic turmoil and market volatility, which is why we offer a range precious metals like gold, which are known to hold their value and even appreciate during recessions and market downturns. By choosing us, clients can find peace of mind knowing that their assets are protected and positioned to weather any financial challenges that may arise.

Why precious metals?

Throughout history, some items have shared a special place along side of humans. Precious metals and especially gold and silver are at the top of that list. The names are different everywhere, but our current name derives from Latin pretiosus ‘of great value’, from pretium ‘price’. Thus precious metals provide stability and diversification to any portfolio because they continue to withstand the tests of time. Because over their history precious metals have shown resilience to market crashes, recessions, war and fiat currency collapses.

Do we sell physical gold?

Yes! We only sell physical precious metals.  Because stocks are theoretical and at best paper. While precious metals you can hold and marvel at their beauty.  Available in bars, rounds or coins as physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion.

What about bars or rounds?

Both come in a variety of designs and weights, too many to count in fact. They are a lot of fun, but they may require reporting to the IRS. Read our other FAQ with a similar title and read more in our article Bullion: Science, History, Law

What coins do we offer?

We have a wide selection of coins from various mints around the world. Do not delay as they moving very fast. Give us a call now and secure the ones you desire.

Read more about American Eagle coinsPanda coinsKrugerrand coins, even the history of the Morgan Silver Dollar in our articles.

FAQ personal to You:

How do I store the precious metals that are Cash funded?

Since everyone has a different sense of what security means, we can only note some options our clients employ, which includes: a safety deposit box or at home buried them like treasure or in their home in a huge locked safe but others use their large safe as a decoy, keeping hidden safes in walls behind objects or under the floor; or in safes that look like common items, like a book. (Hint: a million dollars in gold can easily fit in a shoe box. We did the exact math, tested by computer dimensions layout. The average adult male shoe box is 13.25x10x5″ a 10 oz bar is 1.3×2.25x.3″ laying them out and filling in the side spaces, that box holds 716 10 oz bars at $1,900/oz that is $13,604,000 in a shoe box.) 

How do I store the precious metals that are IRA funded?

The IRS mandates when purchasing precious metals with IRA funds, that you must store them in third party non-government and non-bank related facilities or depositories. We work with Delaware Depository, because they carry a $1,000,000,000 all risk insurance policy, through London underwriters. You will receive all details and paperwork for you to access the assets any time you want. Be mindful that you will have 60 days to submit to the depository or the IRS considers this possession and a taxable event.

Finance related FAQ:

Are there disadvantages to bars or rounds?

It is important to note that both bars and rounds are reportable assets and require us and you, to submit an IRS form 1099b. We value your privacy, yet if you prefer the IRS to know your business, then we will abide. However, we tend to find that our clients favor coins because of the afforded privacy (the sale to you is non-reportable). 

What about ETF’s and mining companies?

  • Like all investments, these two investment options come with their advantages and disadvantages.
  • ETF’s are not safe havens. As they have high fees. Worse still, you do not receive physical gold.
  • Mining companies are not safe havens. As they come with counterparty risk and need to be profitable for you to see a return.

Do we buy back the coins?

We can’t guarantee it by law. But we do commit to being available for you when you are ready to cash out. Because we are here to make that process quick and painless, we put our commitment down on paper and you can see it in our contract in the link below that contain additional terms and conditions which may apply.

What forms of payment are acceptable?

For transactions with delivery to you, we accept wire transfers and cashier’s checks as payment . Yet, when purchasing with IRA, 401k, pensions, and many other retirement accounts those shipments go to a third party depository and we can accept those to fund the asset.

We do not directly accept paper cash nor crypto currency.

Are you required to report under an AML Policy?

Yes we are, because the Anti-Money Laundering laws require financial institutions to report any cash they receive in a single transaction that exceeds $10,000. But that relates to actual cash and actually being provided to us from you. If the transaction is via bank wire or cashier’s check then we are not required to report.

Do we have a showcase to see in person?

No. We are a national dealer of precious metals that ships directly to consumers all across the nation. Also for our local clients we do not for their safety, because we cannot have members of the public walking in with large amounts of cash. We are a large volume dealer, we ship fully insured with discrete packaging directly to your door or to secure facilities.

Want more?

If these FAQ’s didn’t satiate your thirst for knowledge, then check out our Discovery Center.

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Due to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy restrictions and guidelines, we do not accept physical paper money (cash) for purchases. If you do not know what the AML is, you really need to look it up, as it applies to everyone.

As a financial institution, Safe Haven Metal is AML compliant.


For products that will be delivered to you directly these traditional forms of payment are accepted: bank wire (we prefer this one), cashier’s check, ACH; also IRA is acceptable but that has tax consequences for you.

For products that will be stored by a third party (depository), IRA, 401k, Pensions, Retirement Account, etc. (see full list on Gold IRA page) are all acceptable forms of payment.

We do not accept credit card payments, cash over $10,000 and we do not accept cryptocurrency, we are happy with our real gold.

BUY BACK POLICY (from the purchase agreements)

Safe Haven Metal (SHM) is prohibited under the law from guaranteeing to repurchase Precious Metals that SHM sells, and SHM does not guarantee that it will repurchase any Precious Metal item that Client may purchase; what SHM extends is the possible availability as a buyer at a later date. If and when Customer desires to liquidate, simply call SHM and let SHM know you are ready for SHM to exchange for cash the Precious Metals purchased from us subject to the following procedure that must occur:

i.)         Customer ships the Precious Metals products originally purchased from SHM for inspection because the buy back offer is only for the exact items purchased from us, inclusive of exact condition; and 

ii.)        The cash value of buy back will be at or near Spot Price at the time when we have examined the product to ensure it passes inspection (which is at our or our designated inspector’s sole good faith discretion as to current condition compared to documented condition when originally purchased); 

iii.)      A new agreement is then presented by SHM to Customer reflecting Spot Price and conditions quantities much like this Invoice; the offer is valid for 24 hours after inspection approval and new agreement sent; 

iv.)      Once signed and returned to SHM the money is then released to you within 72 hours; if Customer rejects the offer then Customer must pay for return shipping costs and the product will be returned to Customer. 

v.)          There is no fee on buy back, as that fee is part of the initial purchase Agreement with us as a part of our consideration to be available for your needs at a later date, consistent with this whole paragraph.

Risk Disclosures

Investing in everything is a risk; values fluctuate, sometimes going up, other times down; no one can predict the future; that is why diversified portfolios are usually recommended. The best anyone can do is make informed decisions and see if correct over time, therefore do research, do your homework. Do not invest more in precious metals than you feel comfortable with after informing yourself. Read your contract; ask your attorney to review it. We strive to do right and help others, if you do not understand something then ask us. There are no guarantees, other than doing our best for you.


Our communication of portfolio is intended as Oxford Dictionary defines “portfolio” as: “a range of products or services offered by an organization, especially when considered as a business asset” and Oxford defines “analysis” as “detailed examination of the elements or structure of something”.

All information provided on this website is the opinion and property of Safe Haven Metal LLC. All customers and potential customers are encouraged to do independent research, educate yourself and make informed decisions. Then you can make the best decision for yourself. Once you have done your diligence you will see that Safe Haven Metal LLC truly does have our clients’ best interests in heart. We would not encourage you to go look around elsewhere if we were not confident in what we offer and provide.

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Full Terms and Conditions

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