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Discovery Center

The Center of Discovery
Knowledge to Secure the Future of Your Dreams.

The Discovery Center is designed to provide education on a variety of topics to broaden your insight into precious metals. The topics vary but all will generally include some history, science, and useful information. All with the goal in mind of expanding the imagination and allowing for your dreams of retirement to be realized.  Because retirement is not the end, rather it is the start of new adventures and the opportunity to see what this world has in store for you.

Below is your information hub to learn about many aspects of information relevant to your precious metal adventure and retirement planning needs.

[…] Discovery Center flag ship image is a map of the globe comprised of a collage of images depicting the visual wonders to see all over the planet, from the rock and snow mountains of a sunrise over Siberia, down to the Taj Mahal, over to a camel caravan crossing desert sands of Saudi Arabia, then into Europe’s flower fields overlooked by a windmill, above are snow covered mountains of the alps and Scandinavia, below is Africa with the great Pyramids of Egypt, a silver Elephant coin makes up the east coast with a large male lion filling in the continent and a South African gold Krugerrand at the base, Australia is comprised of the Silver Koala coin and the gold Kangaroo coin with the silver Platypus coin swimming underneath the continent; the entire ocean is a scene from a tropical shore with palm trees reaching out over the water, mixing into another photo taken half in and half out of water, showing yellow fish swimming underneath and palm trees on a sandy beach in the distance, South America shows a large green island surrounded by deep blue water, connecting through Central America as green vegetation finds an American Eagle gold coin flying over Mexico, connecting to the Unites States as a peaceful grass open space with a large tree in its center and an American Eagle Silver coin flies over the east coast, connecting to Canada as a warm orange glow sunset over large rock and snow mountains, connects to Alaska as an American Eagle gold coin showing the reverse of an eagle calling out; above representing the northern ice cap is the Silver Canadian polar bear coins, the Canadian silver great horned out coin and the Chinese silver panda coin; the South Pole is highlighted by penguins from the silver coin of New Zealand that have been isolated then combined as a massive grouping to establish the border of Antartica. The image highlights the possibilities of dreams and art work over the several countries of this world.
Our dreams have just one limitation: the barrier we impose by accepting someone else's belief that we can't achieve them.

Your Discovery Center Starts Here:

The Gold InformantAugust 9, 2023

Self-Directed Precious Metal IRA Management In this article we will discuss how a self-directed precious metal IRA gives you direct power as a way to hedge against inflation, obtain global mobility and allows you to defer taxes at the same

The Gold InformantAugust 8, 2023

Comparing Silver vs. Gold A. Overview of Precious Metals Options Precious metals have long been considered attractive asset options due to their intrinsic value, stability, and historical significance. Among the various precious metals, gold and silver stand out as prominent

The Gold InformantAugust 7, 2023

List of the Top Ten Precious Metal Assets Below is a list of the top 10 Precious Metal assets for purchase. While there are many other fine Precious Metals assets opportunities, this article features the most desirable. We have many

The Gold InformantJuly 30, 2023

How Does the U.S. Dollar Impact Prices? The U.S. Dollar, as the primary global currency,  serves as the base currency for purchasing precious metals such as Gold and Silver. The historical data from the past century allows us to understand

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Due to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy restrictions and guidelines, we do not accept physical paper money (cash) for purchases. If you do not know what the AML is, you really need to look it up, as it applies to everyone.

As a financial institution, Safe Haven Metal is AML compliant.


For products that will be delivered to you directly these traditional forms of payment are accepted: bank wire (we prefer this one), cashier’s check, ACH; also IRA is acceptable but that has tax consequences for you.

For products that will be stored by a third party (depository), IRA, 401k, Pensions, Retirement Account, etc. (see full list on Gold IRA page) are all acceptable forms of payment.

We do not accept credit card payments, cash over $10,000 and we do not accept cryptocurrency, we are happy with our real gold.

BUY BACK POLICY (from the purchase agreements)

Safe Haven Metal (SHM) is prohibited under the law from guaranteeing to repurchase Precious Metals that SHM sells, and SHM does not guarantee that it will repurchase any Precious Metal item that Client may purchase; what SHM extends is the possible availability as a buyer at a later date. If and when Customer desires to liquidate, simply call SHM and let SHM know you are ready for SHM to exchange for cash the Precious Metals purchased from us subject to the following procedure that must occur:

i.)         Customer ships the Precious Metals products originally purchased from SHM for inspection because the buy back offer is only for the exact items purchased from us, inclusive of exact condition; and 

ii.)        The cash value of buy back will be at or near Spot Price at the time when we have examined the product to ensure it passes inspection (which is at our or our designated inspector’s sole good faith discretion as to current condition compared to documented condition when originally purchased); 

iii.)      A new agreement is then presented by SHM to Customer reflecting Spot Price and conditions quantities much like this Invoice; the offer is valid for 24 hours after inspection approval and new agreement sent; 

iv.)      Once signed and returned to SHM the money is then released to you within 72 hours; if Customer rejects the offer then Customer must pay for return shipping costs and the product will be returned to Customer. 

v.)          There is no fee on buy back, as that fee is part of the initial purchase Agreement with us as a part of our consideration to be available for your needs at a later date, consistent with this whole paragraph.

Risk Disclosures

Investing in everything is a risk; values fluctuate, sometimes going up, other times down; no one can predict the future; that is why diversified portfolios are usually recommended. The best anyone can do is make informed decisions and see if correct over time, therefore do research, do your homework. Do not invest more in precious metals than you feel comfortable with after informing yourself. Read your contract; ask your attorney to review it. We strive to do right and help others, if you do not understand something then ask us. There are no guarantees, other than doing our best for you.


Our communication of portfolio is intended as Oxford Dictionary defines “portfolio” as: “a range of products or services offered by an organization, especially when considered as a business asset” and Oxford defines “analysis” as “detailed examination of the elements or structure of something”.

All information provided on this website is the opinion and property of Safe Haven Metal LLC. All customers and potential customers are encouraged to do independent research, educate yourself and make informed decisions. Then you can make the best decision for yourself. Once you have done your diligence you will see that Safe Haven Metal LLC truly does have our clients’ best interests in heart. We would not encourage you to go look around elsewhere if we were not confident in what we offer and provide.

NOTICE: Any images of persons on our site are from professional models obtained through licensing of various companies.

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